Friday, September 13, 2013

The payoff of buying locally

It's a well-known fact that technology has changed the way consumers shop. The world is at their fingertips as they browse the Internet for their latest purchase. The planet has become one big outlet where people can buy practically anything from another continent as easily as going to their corner store.
“Through the ease of online purchases, people can forget that their choices directly influence our local neighbourhoods,” said Fran├žois Ramsay “Choosing to spend your hard-earned dollars in a local business directly benefits the local economy and helps small businesses thrive, leading to sustainable and dynamic communities.”
Consumer experience and satisfaction is another reason why people should think about buying locally. Small establishments often offer exceptional customer service thanks to personalized one-on-one attention. They often have unique and original product selections and are located close to homes and worksites. Relationships are built between customers, local business owners and staff, making shopping an enjoyable and memorable event. Since local business owners often reside in the same neighbourhood, they also prioritize community causes and invest personally in the area's welfare and future.
Finding local goods and services nearby is simple thanks to a variety of local search solutions.
Make a local purchase today and support Canadian small business owners. Put your neighbourhood first.

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